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safe and sound.

The Ken Hall Plumbers team are committed to the highest level of safety standards through continual education, skill development, system improvement, management and accreditation. Our aim is to be a leading provider of quality services. In order to acheive this, leadership, management and maintenance of key systems ensures we are training staff to be equipped and vigilant with not only exceeding customer expectations, but safety, environmental and quality standards also. Maintaining a professional, dedicated and educated team requires efficient planning, current technology and effective ongoing communication.

Our Management pride themselves in their ability to foster these qualities and take great care to meet the needs of the public.

Health & Safety

Systems and Policy

Ken Hall Plumbers is committeed to taking all responsible measures necessary to prevent incidents and injuries to workers and to any other persons who may be affected by workplace activities. Our management considers the health and safety of our workers and our customers to be of paramount importance at all times. We therefore have an ever evolving system of internal regulation for quality control and health & safety guidelines, adjusted to meet an ever evolving work environment.

In order to maintain our commitment we:
Improve our Safety Management Systems continuously, across the business.
Promote open consultation and communication.
Identify hazards with a view toward elimination or appropriate management to the lowest practical risk level.
Ensure compliance with any relevant legislation, for all activities we undertake.
Communicate, identify and monitor health and safety objectives, targets and performance measures, at all levels within the business.
Foster a company culture where employees and contractors are aware of the hazards around them, and work in an appropriate manner accordingly.
Encourage education to ensure all staff members are appropriately trained and continuously updating relevant skills.

We are aware that all incidents and injuries are preventable, and ensure a strong company culture of safety, leadership and effective risk management.

experience & expertise.


Peace of mind

These additional accreditations offer our clients and staff peace of mind.

We are certified to the following Standards:

Safety – AS 4801: Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
Quality – ISO 9001: Quality Assurance - Management Systems
Environmental – ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems

All Ken Hall Plumbers are fully licensed for all installations.

General builders License: BLD54949
Eco Smart Plumber
Master Plumber

Registered with Workcover
Public Liability
Professional Indemnity
Motor Vehicle Insurance

Industry Participation
Plumbing Industry Association
Housing Industry Association
Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board
Construction and Building Industry Superannuation Fund

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