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roofing and guttering

Did you know we also do roofing? Does your building project require new roofing and guttering installation? Or perhaps your roof or gutters just need a good clean?

Perhaps your home is in need of some repairs.. rusted gutters, broken downpipes, leaking roof, loose sheets, cracked tiles..

At Ken Hall Plumbers, we can advise on an appropriate solution to suit any roofing or guttering arrangement. If its raining in your lounge room, give us a call.

Roofing and Guttering Experts

Shelter from the storm

Preparing for storm season is a must. Roof leaks can create no end of troubles, particularly in older homes. Guttering if rusted, improperly installed to suit the location, or left congested with leaf matter, can create, rather than relieve, water issues around the buildings foundations.

Get the job done right first time and sail through storm season, confident that your home or office will be just fine.

Our team are fully equipped to install, repair or replace any roofing or guttering concerns. We have specialists on hand to offer advice.

And when we've completed the task, we can share images of our work with you, so you can be assured of a job well done, without having to climb a ladder.

more than just a plumber.