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If you are experiencing a power outage at home our team of electricians can provide a same day, 24x7 emergency service. Power outages can occur in Adelaide due to electrical distribution not meeting the demands in our local city. But there are also several reasons for power outages inside your property.

Overloaded power board

The most common causes of power outages

Overloaded power boards

Overloaded power boards are the most common reason for power loss in homes. This is mainly because there are too many appliances plugged into one power board. To avoid this, it’s best not to stack electrical points, and unplug appliances you are not using them.

Overloaded power board
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Faulty circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are installed inside your switchboard to prevent a system overload and will shut off power to your house to prevent damage. A faulty or old and deteriorating circuit breaker can constantly trip the electrical wiring in your home.

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Faulty appliances

Faulty appliances can cause fires and other electrical damage to your home or property. If you suspect it is an appliance, but you are not sure which one, our electricians will help you locate, repair or replace the offender.

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Animals such as possums and rats can bite through electrical cords and transmission wires on the property causing power outages.

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