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Switchboard Repairs and Installation Adelaide

Your property’s switchboard is the central management point of all things electrical every day and night, and we pay little attention to it until it stops working.

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Repair or replace your electrical switchboard

If you suspect any issues with your electrical switchboard, our electricians are ready to do repairs, service or to install a new complaint switchboard quickly. Prevent electrical incidences at home or in your business with a functional and safe electrical switchboard that is up to date and compliant.

July 2019 37
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Keep your home and business safe

In 1991, the SA government introduced a law which requires all new homes to be installed with safety switches in the switchboard. A safety switch is a device that cuts off electricity supply if an electrical surge or fault is detected, to prevent household fires or electric shock. They must also be installed in old homes that are changing their electrical cabling.

Our electricians will give you the right advice to ensure your switchboard is upgraded with safety switches to current standards and safe for your household and business.

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