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Our Greatest Imaginable Challenge

Our greatest imaginable challenge is that every customer contact, every job, every phone call, every interaction and action that we take results in us being recognised as the most respected, most professional plumbing and associated services company in Australia.

We pride ourselves on continuous incremental improvement so that what we do today is better, faster and more reliable than what we did yesterday.

This is because Ken Hall Plumbers love what we do and employ good people.

Positive, energetic and passionate people who want careers not just jobs and who thrive in an infectious culture of success, fun and collaboration. The joy of plumbing is our opportunity to fix problems quickly, professionally and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We reduce the stress for people through capable, friendly and professional guidance and watch their transition to the natural state of enjoyment and satisfaction of their home, business or investment.

We strive for a reputation of being the best in the industry and our people know that our success in effortlessly satisfying customers derives from being on time, every time, of doing the work, of caring about it and solving our clients concerns.

When a customer puts a job in our hands it is the ultimate compliment.

The Ken Hall Way

The Ken Hall Way

We live by The Ken Hall Way every day. It's what makes us a strong, happy and passionate business.

The Ken Hall Way

The Ken Hall Way - 10 Values

We have further defined the Ken Hall Way into 10 core values which our staff strive to uphold across all areas of our business. These are what have defined our business to date and what will ensure our continued success and growth in the future.


The 10 Values that make up The Ken Hall Way

The values that make up The Ken Hall Way were developed over 37 years, since our inception in 1983. These values now form the foundation of our business and flow from the inside workings of our daily operation, to the level of service we deliver our customers.

1. Customer First

Acknowledge, listen and understand the customer.

The basis of our excellent customer service is that we listen to and acknowledge your needs. We are in and out of people’s homes every day, and when something goes wrong with your plumbing or electricity, it has an immediate effect on you and your family. We put your needs first.

2. Be Proud

Present yourself professionally and take pride in your work.

We love what we do and instil this across our organisation. Our staff each have their name clearly visible on their uniform, and our vans are neat and tidy and equipped with the right tools to complete jobs. We are proud of the fact that we provide a good service that is reliable and efficient.

3. Integrity Matters

Work with honesty and integrity always.

Like any good business that has been around as long as we have, we value honesty and integrity in everything we do. It starts from the inside out. We make commitments to one another internally which we do our best to keep, and this attitude flows outward to our customers.

4. First, Time, Right

Find ways to be better everyday and aim for excellence.

Striving for excellence is a daily commitment. We do our best to get it right, first time, saving you further costs and hassles. We back this up with a minimum 3 month warranty on all workmanship and return to site without question if you have any problems or queries.

5. Set the Standard

Be service focussed and values driven.

We are committed to the ongoing improvement of our service delivery. We set new standards of practice whenever we see the opportunity to do so. By embracing an attitude of improvement, we find new ways to deliver a better service to you.

6. Be Positive

Love what you do and do it with passion, drive and determination.

We spend a large part of our lives developing and delivering our services, and we love what we do. We encourage a positive approach to our work no matter how challenging a problem may be. Working for you is the most important work we do each day.

7. Communicate

Clear and simple, be a trusted advisor.

We keep things simple internally and externally and have learned that simple and clear communication is what it takes to be a trusted advisor to you.

8. Learn

Grow, upskill and evolve.

We continue to evolve as a business and introduce more services as our customers need them. We are committed to upskilling and training ourselves to improve our service.

9. Team Work

Support, empower and inspire your colleagues.

A healthy and productive business starts from the inside out. We encourage a caring team spirit, and our staff support each other to be the best they can be in their work.

10. Own It

Take the lead, be bold, be accountable.

Each Ken Hall staff member is empowered to make decisions that enables their work to be successfully completed. We support initiative and accountability and in turn, our staff feel a greater sense of belonging in the business.

We value and welcome your feedback

Our customers’ feedback has been invaluable in helping us become the customer centric business we are today. We value and welcome your feedback to help us continue to develop and improve the Ken Hall Way. Call us today on 8364 5855.

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