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What is Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a cutting-edge solution for pipe repairs, providing a smart, less intrusive alternative to traditional plumbing methods.

Using an epoxy resin-infused liner from our partner, BRAWOLINER, this process involves inserting the liner into your cracked or broken pipes, where it hardens to form a completely new one. It’s that simple.

Watch our video explainer below to see our Pipe Relining process in action!
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The Pipe Reling Process

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Our Pipe Relining Methods

We use two pipe relining methods, which are decided based on the damage, location of your pipe, and the best outcome:


Inversion Pipe Relining

This method is employed for relining sewer, stormwater, and other pipes in long sections (approximately long). It involves inserting a single, seamless epoxy resin-infused liner into the drain using an inversion drum and air pressure.


Patch Pipe Relining

This sectional method is used when one or more areas require repair. Silicate resin-infused patches are installed to fix the affected areas, making it the ideal, cost-effective choice if you have one or multiple cracks to address.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Locating the cause

Locating the cause

We start by locating the damaged pipe and determining the least-invasive approach to accessing it.

Damage Assessment

Damage Assessment

Using our CCTV equipment, we’ll lower a camera into the pipe to scope the extent of the damage and determine the best solution.

Pipe Clean

Pipe Clean

Prior to relining your pipes, we’ll use water jetters to remove any dirt or blockages (i.e., built-up grime) and tree roots. A clean slate is essential!

Preparing the Lining

Preparing the Lining

Our team prepares the specialised lining, infusing it with epoxy resin.



Now for the fun part. Here, we insert the flexible liner into the pipes, using air and water to set them in place. The result: a completely new and watertight pipe within the old one.

Final Inspection

Final Inspection

Our job doesn’t end here. Using our CCTV equipment, we’ll complete the process by assessing the new pipe to ensure it’s been fixed!

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Benefits of Pipe Relining

Less Destruction – Pipe Relining requires no extensive digging, keeping your property, landscape, and roads intact.

Cost-effective Solution – Don’t break the bank. With minimal labour and equipment required, we pass the savings directly to you.

Unaffected Daily Routine – Pipe relining is fast and unobtrusive, ensuring your daily routine remains largely unaffected.

Protect the Environment – Our eco-friendly approach ensures minimal waste while reducing potential environmental damage.

Quality Guarantee – Avoid future cracks and breaks with Ken Hall’s Pipe Relining service. Our top-quality materials provide a durable and long-lastingbsolution for your pipe repairs.

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Pipe Relining vs Traditional Methods: What’s Better?

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Traditional Plumbing

Traditionally, repairing pipes buried or obstructed underground has required extensive digging and disruptions to replace the affected area – particularly where tree roots are located. Most often, this involves breaking through your footpath, driveway, or other structure, causing significant damage!

So, while this method is quicker, cheaper, and useful for removing and replacing portions of a damaged pipe, this process requires expensive and time-consuming repairs that will interrupt your daily routine and may need to be repeated should future issues occur!

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Pipe Relining

Contrastingly, Pipe Relining offers a state-of-the-art repair solution, using advanced technology to reline the interior of the pipes aboveground, without the need for removal. This ensures no mess, and minimal excavation – protecting your property and the environment from significant damage!

A common misconception of Pipe Relining is that it is a ‘temporary solution’, but this is false. Our process utilises high-quality equipment to create a durable pipe capable of withstanding pressure for years of use. Even better, this process can be completed within 1-2 days, allowing your routine to operate normally!

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Pricing Estimate

As a guide, our Pipe Relining pricing for a standard 90/100mm stormwater and sewer pipe starts at approx. $3,000.

However, several variables can affect this cost, including:

  • Access to the pipe (i.e., cutting or digging).
  • Diameter and length of pipe.
  • Material of the pipe.
  • Number and length of breaks.
  • Rebuilding pipe connections (required after relining in PVC

Rest assured; the total cost will be given to you once a full assessment has been made, and before any work begins. That’s our promise!

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Ken Hall Commitment

Commitment to Innovation and Expertise
Innovation is central to Ken Hall Plumbers. We prioritise continuous training for our team, ensuring they are proficient in the latest plumbing technologies and methods, including solving complex issues. Our team has firsthand experience with the remarkable benefits of pipe relining, and is here to make it a nondestructive, effective solution for your pipe repairs!

See the Difference with Ken Hall Plumbers
Ken Hall Plumbers is more than just pipe repair; we’re here dedicated to providing peace of mind and innovative solutions to our customers. Pipe Relining represents our commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative, and sustainable plumbing services, particularly for challenging situations like broken pipes or tree root complications. This is the Ken Hall way!

Check out our Pipe Relining Explainer video to see our processand to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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