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A great way to save money, time and damage to your property is to have a pipe relined. A great option when the location of the pipe involves disturbing and remediating the area to fix a pipe.

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Pipe Relining

At Ken Hall Plumbers, we're proud to introduce our latest offering in advanced plumbing solutions - Pipe Relining.

This state-of-the-art technique is transforming the way we approach pipe repairs, offering a smarter, less intrusive alternative to traditional methods. If you find yourself with a broken pipe or a cracked pipe in a really difficult location, this is a great solution.

Tree roots are such a major cause of cracked and broken pipes, and sometimes it seems the only option is to dig up meters of pipe to get to that 1 section of cracked pipe. Pipe re-lining is a great solution.

Caption: A pipe has just been relined under this beautiful lawn without the need to dig the ground or break the fence
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Why Choose Pipe Relining?

Minimal Disruption to Your Property
Forget about the days of extensive digging to repair damaged pipes. Our pipe relining process involves inserting a durable new lining inside the existing pipe, which then hardens to form a new pipe within the old one. This method significantly reduces property disruption, keeping your landscapes intact and your daily routine undisturbed, even with cracked pipes or tree root invasion.

Cost-effective and Time-Saving
Pipe relining is not only faster than traditional pipe replacement but also more cost-effective. It's the ideal solution for broken pipes, minimising labour and equipment use, we pass the savings directly to you.

Long-lasting and Reliable
The materials used in our pipe relining process are of the highest quality, ensuring a long-lasting and robust solution. This means fewer worries about future issues like cracked or broken pipes.

Eco-Friendly Approach
Our pipe relining technique is an environmentally friendly alternative, significantly reducing the amount of waste compared to traditional pipe replacement, even when dealing with tree roots or severe pipe damage.

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Our Commitment to Innovation and Expertise

Innovation is at the core of Ken Hall Plumbers. We invest in continuous training for our team, ensuring they are skilled in the latest plumbing technologies and methods, including tackling complex problems like cracked pipes and tree root intrusions. Our entire team has experienced the remarkable benefits of pipe relining, particularly in resolving complex issues in hard-to-reach pipes.

See the Difference with Ken Hall Plumbers

Ken Hall Plumbers is not just about fixing pipes; we're about offering peace of mind and innovative solutions to our customers. Pipe relining is our latest step in providing high-quality, efficient, and sustainable plumbing services, especially for challenging situations like broken pipes or tree roots complications. That is the Ken Hall way!

For more information on our pipe relining services or to schedule a consultation, contact us today. Experience the advanced, hassle-free solution to pipe repair, including issues caused by cracked pipes and tree roots, with Ken Hall Plumbers.

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What is Pipe Relining?

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If you’ve got a broken or damaged pipe that’s buried or obstructed in some way, common practice states you’ll need to dig up the entire area to replace that part of pipe.

Pipe relining brings plumbing out of the dark ages and into the 21st century using modern technology to simply reline the interior of the pipes. You may consider this to be a temporary solution until you can afford something more permanent. But that’s not the case at all.

Modern pipe relining technology supplied by our partner, BRAWOLINER provides some of the best liners on the market. We insert a liner into your pipe, fuse it with epoxy resin to essentially create a new pipe within the damaged area that’s as strong as an entirely new pipe.

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Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s not. This is the latest technology in plumbing that can be very quick and very clean – particularly compared to alternative methods of repairing damaged and obstructed pipes.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Locating the cause

Locating the cause

We start by locating the block or damage and how it’s been caused. This way we can fully scope the project so we know the best way to fix it.

Cleaning out your pipes

Cleaning out your pipes

We use the most appropriate technology to completely clean out your pipes of any dirt or blockages. Our water jetters are so strong that they can even cut out roots that could be growing inside your plumbing! We also have manual cutting machines to grind or scour pipes

Installing pipe relining

Installing pipe relining

Now the fun part. Once your pipes are squeaky clean, we insert the flexible and epoxy resin-infused liner into the pipes using air and water to set them in place. The liner creates a completely new and watertight pipe within the old one. 

This can all be done completely above ground with only minor disruption to your site.

Is all this technology sounding a little expensive? Let’s take a look at your alternative options.

What is the Alternative to Pipe Relining?

When a pipe is obstructed and needs to be repaired or replaced, the most common method is to start with an excavation of the surrounding area. This gives your plumbing team physical access and the ability to remove the portion of damaged pipe and replace with a new section.

While this option may seem just as easy and can sometimes be cheaper – it’s likely to cause far more destruction along the way.

If the issue with your pipe is under a footpath, driveway or other structure, you’ll have to break through that foundation to get the ground underneath to dig up the pipe. And then you’ll need to replace it again.

So what may seem like a quick and easy dig and replace, becomes a long and expensive excavation and re-build. Not only does this type of event hurt your hip pocket, but it means your business will need to close down while it’s happening. So your bottom line will be affected by loss of business during that period – not to mention regulars who may find themselves another business and never return.

Can you really afford this option?

Pipe relining on the other hand, can be completed within a day or two, without any excavation, saving you bundles!

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What Affects the Cost of Pipe Relining?

So you’ve decided that pipe relining is the best way to go – but there are quite a number of variables in place when it comes to getting started.

When we’re quoting on a relining job, we need to look at the number of factors to make the final call.

The key variables that can affect the cost are:

  • Access to the pipe
  • The diameter and length of pipe
  • Material your pipe is made out of
  • How many breaks and their lengths
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Pipe Relining Methods

we use two methods of pipe relining; inversion and patch. Based on an assessment of your situation, we’ll determine the most appropriate method to get you the best results (this could also mean a combination of dig-up repairs for those easier-to-access problems).

  • Inversion Pipe Relining
    This is the way that we reline sewer, stormwater and other types of pipes in long sections over approximately 3m in length – this is a single, seamless liner. These epoxy resin infused liners are inserted into the drain using an inversion drum along with air pressure.
  • Patch Pipe Relining
    This is a sectional method of pipe relining – and can be more cost effective when there is only a single or few areas that need to be repaired along a pipe that’s otherwise in good working order. These silicate resin infused patches are installed to fix the affected areas. So if you’ve only got one, two or a few cracks, this could be your best option.

Pipe Relining Pricing Estimate

This is only a guide to help you understand the starting price based on standard 90/100mm stormwater and sewer pipes (larger pipes will incur higher costs). We’ll need to complete a full assessment of the area and the issue before confirming price of works. The actual price will depend on many factors, but we’ll always give you a complete cost before any work begins!

Pipe Relining Pricing Estimate

Depending on the factors above (and possibly more), your pipe relining could start from around $3,000 for the first metre and $1500 per metre after.

Along with the actual relining itself, there are some other costs that could be involved, such as:

  • Access to the pipes may involve a small amount of cutting or digging
  • Re-building pipe connections after relining in PVC pipes

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