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Evaporative Air Con Special

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Evaporative Air Conditioner Special

Service includes

  • We attend site and access the evaporative air conditioner unit (single or double story);
  • We remove the louvers and filter pads from the unit and thoroughly clean them to remove dust, dirt, spider webs, insects and debris;
  • We thoroughly hose down all pads to ensure they are clean for correct operation and report on the condition if necessary;
  • We ensure correct water levels and water distribution across filter pads to ensure complete saturation and adjust if necessary;
  • We place a sanitisation capsule in the hopper to ensure water reservoir is hygienic;
  • We operate the unit to ensure correct water usage rates and correct operation of the pump, fan and dump valve;
  • We check the run off drain pipe for suitable discharge and any excess water usage;
  • We check the controller for any fault codes and ensure it is operating correctly;
  • We leave the site clean and tidy and report on any concerns

Terms and Conditions

* Single Storey $180 inc GST - Double Storey $280.00 inc
* Any required repairs would be an additional cost
* Time includes up to 1 hour on-site
* Please note we service the evaporative air conditioner unit, we do not inspect or repair the internal ducts


Evaporative Air Con Special

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Evaporative Air Conditioning

An evaporative air conditioner has many great benefits for your health and home.

  • It provides fresh air to your home as air is constantly drawn from the outside and cooled and filtered as it enters your home.
  • It’s eco-friendly, naturally cooling the air with water, using no chemicals.
  • It’s cheaper to run so you save on electricity costs.
  • Your windows and doors can stay open during summer so you can easily move in and out of living areas.

To get the best out of your evaporative air conditioner this summer, we recommend homeowners service their units at least once a year in springtime and also perform regular checks when it’s being used.

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We recommend homeowners service their evaporative air conditioner at least once a year; ideally cleaning the pads and checking the water levels prior to Summer.

Like all major appliance in the home a regular service will enhance the performance and extend the life of the unit. When left dormant over the cooler months evaporative air conditioners can become clogged with dust and leaves causing them to operate less efficiently. In extreme cases a neglected evaporative air conditioner that is clogged with debris could cause a house fire.

Water that has been left untouched for several month of the year can become stagnant and provide a breeding ground for bacteria. When the unit is first turned back on in the warmer weather this water then cycles through the pads and into the home.

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Repairs or Replacement

Don’t suffer in the heat, ensure your evaporative air conditioner is working at its optimal level. Don’t let water and power wastage cost you. We will attend site, check over your unit and efficiently complete all repair works to keep you cool on those hot summer days. We specialise in evaporative air conditioning service and repairs so you can get the maximum efficiency out of your system and prevent breakdowns during the peak summer months.

Thinking of replacing your evaporative air conditioner? We provide a FREE no obligation quote for the replacement of your evaporative air conditioner.

Give Ken a Call to arrange a convenient time for our experienced estimator to meet with you on site and discuss our recommendation.

Our experienced estimator can meet with you on site and discuss recommendations.

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Service with a smile

We’re here for the long term, to do things properly, one job at a time; working for you is the most important work we do each day

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Get a free quote

Our skilled tradesmen can service, repair or provide a no obligation free quote to replace evaporative air conditioning on both single and double storey homes. We specialise in all major brands including Bonaire, Coolair, Breamar, Breezeair, Coolbreeze and more. Give Ken a Call!

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See our special

Our highly skilled team can provide a thoroughly clean and service or your evaporative air conditioner and ensure it is ready for those hot summer days! Check out our Evaporative Air Conditioner Service *SPECIAL* near the top of the page.

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