Rinnai Hot Water Systems

With an extensive range of hot water systems, Rinnai can cater for households all around Adelaide.

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Rinnai Hot Water

Rinnai manufactures reliable hot water systems that provide you with the flexibility and convenience of limitless hot water.

Each type of Rinnai hot water system has specific benefits including high energy efficiencies, water efficiency, high levels of safety and a guarantee of reliability. 

23 10 2018 28
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Rinnai INFINITY Hot Water

Rinnai revolutionised how Australian’s enjoy hot water in the 90s when they launched the Rinnai INFINITY; the first electronic gas continuous flow hot water system. 

The INFINITY range is still very popular throughout Australia, trusted for its high-energy star rating and never running out of hot water. 

The INFINITY range is known for its innovative features and latest technology, making Rinnai one of the best when it comes to water conservation. 

Rinnai’s hot water system

Range Includes

  • Gas Storage
  • Electric Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Pump Hot Water Systems
  • Solar Hot Water Systems

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