Marianne Webb, Beaumont   |   Score: 10/10   |   February, 2018
"professional friendly service, and appreciated information given about work to be done."
Alecia Ellis, Plympton   |   Score: 10/10   |   February, 2018
"The guy who came and dealt with our issue was a legend"
Robert Dancer, Norwood   |   Score: 10/10   |   February, 2018
"We've been using Ken Hall Plumbers for many years and have never had anything but prompt, friendly expert service."
Maureen Archman, Glandore   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Prompt reliable service and very friendly plumber"
Andrew Turbill, Glenalta   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Frendly and prompt service"
Kevin Hopper, **paradise   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Firstly the issues are always fixed promptly... secondly the guys that have come out are not only helpful but easy to talk to, they give the company a good name.."
Simon Hayes, Wingfield   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Quick response time and professional service."
Shanton Wenceslaus, Linden park   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Great service, attention to detail. Feedback phone call after the job was completed was much appreciated as I was interstate at the time. Also phone call to advise time frame before attendance was great. Congratulations! Keep up the good work"
SA Specialized Services ., Marden   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"reliable and reasonable price thanks very much Richard Harris SA Specialized Services"
Mr Peter Maddern, Unley   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Great prompt service by nice well presented guys."
Joanne Hows, Seaford meadows   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Polite friendly plumber"
Gayle Gransden, Brompton   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Fantastic service. Gas turned off due to leak on a Saturday, contacted khp first thing Monday who sent plumber Adam to assess. Needed to replace all gas lines. Installed electric heater for hot water same day. Received quote for 2 days labour, only took plumbers 1 day to replace new copper pipes etc. Invoice received for far less than quote, such a relief. Service amazing, plumbers friendly, very impressed! Gayle G"
Tom Carney, Parkside   |   Score: 7/10   |   January, 2018
"Overall, very good company to deal with and providing services to a high standard. Matt and Lucas are such hard workers, courteous and turn up well on time. They both are great assets to Ken Hall plumbers."
Anita Waclawik, Brighton   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"The service was excellent and the price was right. Extremely happy."
Glenys Roberts, Mclaren vale   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Prompt service and a very helpful and efficient plumber. Shall definitely recommend"
Meredith Ridghway, Mitcham   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Very prompt, efficient service from a lovely, professional man who did an amazing job. I will be using Ken Hall Plumbers as my regular plumber from now on."
Lois Reynolds, Burnside   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Prompt arrival of plumber for emergency call on Christmas day. As issue turned out to be in the street not our house we were not charged by Ken Hall Plumbers - thank you very much - much appreciated."
Mark & Cathy Hartmann, Rostrevor   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Reliable. Professional. LIVE the photos of job to accompany the invoice. All people who answer the phone are equally knowledgeable and helpful. You’re our favourite go-to Plumber!"
Judy Hargrave, Rose park   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Close, convenient, friendly and competent"
Ben Nash, **wayville   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Friendly and the job was done in a timely manner"
Antoni Rejman, Coromandel valley   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Always attend when they say they will. Offer good advice."
Leanne Bennett, Campbelltown   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"The young man was prompt and listened to me explain the work needed. He was polite and well mannered"
Helen Omalley, Cumberland park   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"The plumbers always explain what they are doing and explain why, in simple terms."
C Waples, Glenunga   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Professional, quick response, did what they said they would do"
Linda Foreman, Adelaide   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Prompt response to my call. Plumber was friendly and efficient."
Sue Dent, Trott park   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Plumber was at my house within 2 hours. Very friendly and knowledgable. Office staff were prompt in contacting me. Tòok the stress away from what was quite stressful for me."
Jessie ., **walkerville   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Quick easy, friendly and did a great job"
Brian Cunningham, Aldgate   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Excellent service on Christmas Eve and promptly fixed - above expectations again"
Ken Webb, Torrens park   |   Score: 9/10   |   January, 2018
"Service was good. They managed to give us a temporary hot water service over the Christmas period"
James McNab, Glenelg north   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Prompt response to query and good customer service. The plumber was really polite and arrived ahead of schedule. Also the addition of images in the invoice is really awesome. Overall I was super impressed! This is the first time I have ever had to call a plumber and I cannot think of a better first experience. Thank you!"
Carol Ireland, Aldgate   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Great service, just a couple of days before Christmas! All done with no fuss and great courtesy."
Anjuli Weekley, O'halloran hill   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"On time and true to quote"
The William Light Institute ., Adelaide   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2018
"Aaron was excellent very responsive and the work was delivered on time and they cleaned up well"
Regus ., Adelaide   |   Score: 9/10   |   December, 2017
"The Plumbers are extremely efficient with their work. The internal team are also very easy to work with. Kerry from the accounts team helped us immensely with our invoicing. I would definitely use Ken Hall again."
Renfrey Ansell, Rosewater   |   Score: 8/10   |   December, 2017
"Plumber did a good job, was friendly and seem to know what he was doing and achieved what I wanted."
John Maddock, Somerton park   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Very patient and efficient - good with the dogs."
Sue Westover, Glen osmond   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Always on time and professional"
Jane Hunter, Norwood   |   Score: 9/10   |   December, 2017
"Excellent prompt service"
Anna O'brien, Unley   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Prompt and friendly service"
Donna Macpanas, Glengowrie   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Arrived on time (early actually). Dan was lovely. Price was reasonable."
John Fenton, Clapham   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"30 years good service"
Steve Harrison, **unley park   |   Score: 9/10   |   December, 2017
"Good follow up, friendly staff on site and over the phone."
Lyn Nash, Woodcroft   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Great friendly service. Very efficient and all areas of job explained"
Nigel Walters, Glenelg   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Good service and workmanship,please pass on my full appreciation to that staff member."
Julie Jacobson, Erindale   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"The gas plumber (David) was exceptional. He showed me all the gas leaks before fixing them and acted in a highly professional manner. Needs an employee award."
Libby Sando, Burnside   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Very prompt, clean and tidy. You are always available when required."
David Martin, Newport quays   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Always great and quick service with friendly staff."
Amanda Tartenter, Hawthorndene   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Very friendly, professional installer. Quick and easy we didn't have to wait long to have our hot water installed."
Christine Jarrett, Parafield gardens   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Prompt service. Very friendly and professionble tradesmen. Very neat and clean work."
Jenny Thorpe, Cumberland park   |   Score: 10/10   |   December, 2017
"Both workers fast, efficient and friendly. Very satisfied customer here"
Peter Swift, Kingswood   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"On time. Helpful suggestions."
Dave Reynolds, Golden grove   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Excellent service & competative pricing, reliability & honesty"
Amilia Wee, **keswick   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Quick and efficient"
Kym Norton, Dernancourt   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Professional and thorough service provided."
Lyn Martin, North plympton   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Efficient timely courteous & friendly informative tidy"
Alfred Gatt, Flinders park   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Service was great."
Jane White, Medindie   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Excellent service. Plumber Matt Lord the best I've come across. Receptionist, Georgia very helpful and all work done quickly and efficiently."
Rebecca Tolhurst, Prospect   |   Score: 8/10   |   November, 2017
"Great service, easy to deal with, job was done well, communication fantastic"
Sarah Scott, Mount barker   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"The service was prompt, professional and friendly"
Sinha Sushil, Magill   |   Score: 10/10   |   November, 2017
"Prompt, friendly and professional service"
Julie Coulson, Beaumont   |   Score: 10/10   |   October, 2017
"Reliable, punctual, pleasant, helpful, do a good job."
Malcolm Watson, Modbury north   |   Score: 10/10   |   October, 2017
"Wade was most co-operative and professional. Couldn't have asked for better service and will want him to call back next time."
Brenton Eden, Elizabeth park   |   Score: 10/10   |   October, 2017
"Ollie provided excellent service, on time, as well as identifying areas for improvement that need to be followed up."
Neil Arthur, Erindale   |   Score: 10/10   |   October, 2017
"We have dealt with Ken Hall Plumbers several times and very happy with the service we have received."
Giff Bird, Elizabeth east   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Excellent communication between the plumber and us and also between us and head office. Professional installations, prompt arrival time, competitive rates."
Rowland Hill, Semaphore   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Simple. Prompt, courteous & efficient. Friendly lad, knew his stuff"
Andrew McDougall, Paralowie   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Prompt service"
Tracey Titchmarsh, Craigmore   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Very helpful. Plumber was able to negotiate another time quickly when the hot water service that was delivered was the wrong size. The plumber was knowledgeable with what he was doing. The plumber worked on an extremely hot day and still provided an excellent service. Thanks."
Kevin Ralph, Woodcroft   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Tradesman was very professional"
Phillip Bird, Munno para west   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Prompt and on time friendly face seems very happy with his job and the hot water service was replaced within hours of ringing"
Darren Adamson, Highbury   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"You responded quickly and fixed the problem"
Christine Howard, Beaumont   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Your tradesman always come on time and are polite & get the job done. Also, when dealing with admin queries are always answered promptly. Thank you"
Wayne Arthur, Pooraka   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Simple, I trust Ken Hall plumbers."
Amanda Packer, Trinity gardens   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"You understand customer service: told us what you could do, when, how, and how much. Then did it. Your people were a joy to deal with."
Andrew Macdonald, Mount osmond   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Solved our problem without fuss, excellent telephone service when making enquiry and booking, efficient and friendly. Ta"
Wendy & Dino Dimonte, Magill   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Always efficient and friendly and prompt. Thank you!"
Simon Malpas, Adelaide   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Needed a plumber out ASAP as my air bnb property had no hot water. Ken hall got a plumber out in 20 mins and saved me from any heartache with the new tenants"
Jacqui Plenty, Forestville   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"The man that came to fix my water heater was so amazing he was such a gentleman and very efficient loved his work and he left my place so clean when he put the water heater in then rang me at work to let me know the job was done. I will be using your service again and I have told my friends and family. Thank for your service Jacqueline Plenty"
Stephen Main, Elizabeth downs   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"we have used you guys before and we find your plumbers are timely and reliable"
Pamela Kean, Bedford park   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"The plumber came on time, was friendly and explained the procedure for replacing hot water service. The model recommended by Origin was incorrect so the plumber had to arrange for the correct unit to be delivered ASAP. Would use Ken Hall in the future"
Greg Smith, Evandale   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Very friendly staff and sorted out my problem where a different company failed."
Gayle Quinn, Magill   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"The plumber who attended and repaired many problems at my house was knowledgeable, courteous and friendly."
Jan Burness, Golden grove   |   Score: 10/10   |   January, 2017
"Fast, friendly and efficient service."

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