Achieve Comfort & Joy Around Your Home This Spring!

If ‘Spring clean’ for you means enhancing comfort and joy around your home, here are a number of great ideas that Ken Hall can help you with to achieve it!

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What a year it’s been so far and we’re sure everyone is happy to feel the sunshine returning and getting out of the Winter slump and into Spring cleaning mode! A lot of us have had to put off our yearly getaway and so with the extra time we’re spending in our homes as we adapt to social distancing regulations, we’re heavily reliant on our living spaces to now create ongoing comfort and joy. Ken Hall is committed to helping you refresh the love for your home and here are some great ideas for how you can achieve it.

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Save The Hassle. Outdoor Heater Install Or Service

Although Winter is over, the evenings still have a chill. If you’re entertaining or just wanting to enjoy dinner around the outdoor setting for a change, having outdoor heaters installed by Ken Hall Electricians is the way to go. Not only are hard-wired heaters convenient, they eliminate a tripping hazard, are out of reach from small, curious hands avoiding burns and there’s no hassle of remembering to buy a gas cylinder.

If you already enjoy the simplicity of these heaters, but want to ensure it’s clean, safe and ready to use – Ken Hall can complete a check and service at your convenience.

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Be A Great Host. Outdoor Appliances & Natural Gas BBQs

Have you been nominated to host this year’s footy finals festivities? Or is it your turn to feed the family for Christmas? Outdoor kitchens are the new Australian Dream and ensuring your bar fridge is cold, the rangehood is working and the outdoor sink isn’t draining mess straight onto your pavers is a lot to remember. So, give Ken a call! Ken Hall employ skilled professionals across all key trades: Plumbing, electrical, gasfitting and more. Even if it’s as simple as adding an extra power point to plug in your outdoor TV or speaker system, having a reputable service provider coordinate and install everything for you is the way to go so you have more time to plan the rest.


Feel Fresh. Upgrade Your Irrigation System

If you’re already sorted in your patio area, perhaps it’s the garden that needs some love. Ken Hall Plumbers can work with you to update your irrigation system to keep your grass looking green and garden flourishing. It’s time to get a head start and set up your water system to help your garden thrive throughout Spring and survive Summer. To get you started, check out our Irrigation Health Check Special!
Perhaps you’d also like to connect a pump to your rainwater tank to make the most of your free rainwater!

From installing sprinklers to relocating garden taps, we have you covered.


Beat The Heat. Service Your Evaporative Air Conditioner!

We know the Australian climate all too well, and with our early start to Spring, it’s likely Summer and hot days in general aren’t too far around the corner. To guarantee the best performance from your evaporative air conditioner, book the Ken Hall team to give your system its annual service to clear build-up of dust and debris. This will prevent pungent smells being circulated through your home as well as more sinister, long-term risks of developing legionnaire’s disease.

Clearing the blockages and replacing your air conditioner pads will make it easier to cool down your home when you need it, improving comfort for all occasions.


Stay Safe. Check Smoke Alarm and Safety Switches!

Daylight savings returning is our yearly reminder to check smoke alarms are working and safety switches are up-to-date. Ensuring these necessities in your home are in good condition is the first step to being reassured that in the case of something going wrong, your family and precious memories and belongings have protection.
To help complete safety checks around your home, our growing team of electricians are available to book at your convenience with specials on smoke alarm checks and safety switch checks.

Whatever it is that brings you comfort and joy throughout your home, Ken Hall and the team are equipped to help you complete your “Spring to-do list” and bring that holiday feeling straight to you in your home. For any job big or small, give Ken a call on 8364 5855 to chat with one of our friendly team members and book in a service.

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