Bathroom renovation project: Creating a sense of space in a Norwood townhouse

Transforming small bathroom spaces into light-filled and user-friendly spaces is one of our specialities. The couple who owned this two-storey townhouse in Norwood, were coping with an awkward L-shaped bathroom that was difficult to move in.

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The project

Transforming small bathroom spaces into light-filled and user-friendly spaces is one of our specialities. The couple who owned this two-storey townhouse in Norwood, were coping with an awkward L-shaped bathroom that was difficult to move in freely.

A water leak from the shower was the catalyst to upgrade the bathroom to something more appealing and practical. When the owners called us and explained the water had leaked through the bathroom floor into the toilet downstairs, we promptly arrived on site to assess the cause and damage. We fixed the leak and once this small emergency was attended to, we sat down with our customer to discuss a full bathroom renovation. They were planning to put the house on the market the following year, so it made sense to invest wisely now.

Ken Hall Bathroom Renovations offers a complete service – from design and planning to installation. We also do any repair work to the plumbing and building infrastructure as needed. This means our customers don’t have to find more tradespeople, we do it all in-house.


The customer’s criteria

We spent time with the owners to understand their needs, asking questions about their lifestyle, and their preferences for colour and design. They wanted a modern bathroom with fixtures and colours that gave the room a sense of space. They also needed the design to appeal to a wider market as they were planning to sell their home. They were happy for us to take the lead and make recommendations on fixtures and fittings, colour schemes and tiles.

We pride ourselves on delivering what our customers want within their budget; in this instance we knew that we had to provide quality fixtures and fittings, create the illusion of space and light in a small room, and give the customer their desired result on budget and on time with the opportunity to receive as high return on their investment as possible.


The products

Shower frame - we chose a semi-frameless shower screen which opens the space and is more affordable than a completely frameless screen with a similar result. We recommend niches for showers, they’re a neat finish and very practical.

Tile selections – to create the sense of space, we chose large white tiles for the walls. For the floor tiles, we narrowed our choice to either a dark or light grey. A darker tile would have made the room look smaller so with the layout of the room in mind and the desired result we went ahead with the lighter option.

Vanity – the white vanity had simple clean lines and became an integral part of the room as opposed to a feature. This also helped create the illusion of space.

Bath tub – we installed an inset bath tub with a swivel spout which was practical and cost effective. It moves out of the way when it’s not in use – this is especially useful when you have little children in the bathtub.

High rise toilet – a high-rise toilet is higher than your average toilet making it easier to use.

Our bathroom designers are qualified in design and architecture, and have an eye for what sort of layout works best in small spaces. Bathrooms are a significant investment in any household and having a designer working with you gives you the absolute best value for money. They will help you understand all your choices and guide you to make the optimal use of your budget. It’s part of our bathroom renovation service and doesn’t cost anymore.


The time frame

The project took approximately three weeks from start to finish. We did a final walk-through and made sure the owners were happy and familiar with their new bathroom. Our bathroom designers helped with the styling and choosing accessories to make the most of the neutral colour palette. Choosing lighter coloured accessories also added to a sense of space in the room.

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Client Testimonial

Paul & Lyn Johnson

"We had Ken Hall Plumbers design & create our bathroom. 10/10 to all involved. Nishani, who designed our bathroom was thoroughly professional & made excellent choices keeping in mind our wishes. She made herself available at all times. Dan & Nick the plumbers were efficient with a high standard of work & cleaned up beautifully each day. Dan was especially helpful & informative. We were very impressed by the tiling& how proficient Wyatt was. All electrical work was done on time with no fuss. We were delighted with the end result.

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