Can I Install Smoke Alarms Myself?

With specific legislation for the requirements of smoke alarms, a commonly asked question is, “can I install smoke alarms myself?”.

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Installing smoke alarms and keeping them up to date and functional is imperative to the safety of families and individuals living at home. Whether it is a rental or owned property, the correct smoke alarms must be installed in the right location in line with Australian Standards. Having compliant smoke alarms not only increases the protection of your family, but in the case of a fire, it can also reduce the risk of complications arising with insurance claims.

With specific legislation for the requirements of smoke alarms, a commonly asked question is, “can I install smoke alarms myself?”.

You might be thinking, “to install a smoke alarm I just have to buy an alarm from the hardware store, put batteries in and hang it up, right?” Not necessarily.

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Although battery powered smoke alarms are commonly used, when it comes to ensuring compliance, the floorplan of your home and when it was built can determine the type of alarms required and where they should be installed.

With the option of battery powered, mains powered and interconnected alarms on the market, it can be tricky to know what the correct alarm system is for your home.

A qualified, licensed electrician can ensure the correct alarm is installed to Australian standards and works correctly. It also prevents issues in the future that might compromise the safety of you, your family or your tenants. Hard-wired smoke alarms are more complicated and involve connection to the electrical mains. With anything involving electricity, it is advised that a licensed electrician is engaged to do the work.

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Having your smoke alarms installed or serviced by a licensed electrician will also result in a Certificate of Compliance (COC) being issued for your property. A COC not only provides reassurance to those living within the home, but it can often be required when letting a property or making insurance claims. So, when it comes to smoke alarms around the home, what can you do yourself?

For hardwired alarms, arrange for the 9V backup battery to be changed every 12 months. Battery powered alarms with non-replaceable batteries need replacing every 10 years. You can also test if the alarm sounder is working by pressing the test button until you hear a loud alert tone. Lastly, every 6 months, carefully dust off any bugs or spiderwebs that may have covered and compromised the alarm.

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