How to prevent copper being stolen at your property

Do you have a lot of exposed copper around your property? Be cautious as it can attract thieves that turn copper into easy cash!

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Where is copper found?

Copper is commonly found in and around domestic, commercial and strata properties.

Copper is often located near hot water services, visible on the external walls of older buildings and within undercroft carparks as part of the hot, cold and gas pipework.

Hot water services in particular require a large number of copper parts, fittings and valves to be used during installation (including a relief valve, isolation valve and pressure reducing valve). At least one meter of copper pipework must also be installed from the hot water service before it can be connected to any plastic or pvc pipework.

Why do thieves’ target copper?

Thieves target any areas of exposed copper for its high scrap value and the ease of taking it to a number of different scrap yards for cash.
Stolen copper is valuable as scrap metal because it can be easily reused to make fibre optics and high value plumbing and electrical parts.
As the value of copper rises so do the number of incidents of stolen copper. Currently we are seeing a high volume of this crime.

How to prevent stolen copper at your property:

There are a number of preventative strategies to deter thieves:

  • Keep areas well lit where copper is visible
  • Secure areas with additional fencing or gates to prevent easy access
  • Install a colourbond metal cover over copper where possible
  • Painting copper reduces its value and may act as a deterrent to some thieves
  • Pay attention to vacant properties as these are easy targets

What to do if your copper is stolen?

In the event that the copper at your property is stolen we can promptly attend to isolate the pipework, access the damage and provide a quote for repair.

Often the damage extends beyond simply replacing the pipework as thieves can snap off pipes embedded within walls or dismantle the hot water service.
Typically, stolen copper and the resulting damage at the property is covered by your insurance.

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