Don't slip up this winter...light up a safe path to your home

With more dark and wet evenings, moving around outside without clear visibility can become a tripping or slipping hazard.

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When the days become longer and the winter weather starts to set in, being around the outside of the house can become a dangerous event – but what can you do?

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That lovely concrete path and the beautiful landscaped garden can become a house hazard in the dark and wet. They say prevention is often the best cure, so rely on Ken Hall Electricians to supply and install motion sensor lights that light your way as you move around the outside of your home. So, with winter here again, and the evenings getting darker, here are some bright ideas to increase your safety at home.

Coming home in low lighting can be a trip hazard. So can making that last minute dash to get the bins out for collection the next morning. Some simple exterior or sensor lighting can help show the way and prevent losing your footing and taking a tumble.

Installing lighting around your home is an easy solution to increasing visibility and our skilled team at Ken Hall Electricians can help you do this. From front door/entry lighting, to pathway lighting, garden lighting, sensor spotlights, LED floodlights and more, our experienced, licensed electricians have the knowledge and capabilities to help you from start to finish. We can recommend the most suitable lighting solution for functionality and style and will install it too.

Not only does outdoor lighting increase safety, it adds ambiance to your home increasing the street appeal and in some cases this can improve the property value too. So when your friends and family are coming to visit, they feel welcome. Another bonus is that outdoor lighting can be a great deterrent for those uninvited guests that might decide that your house looks very appealing!

If you do give Ken A Call about lighting solutions, have our electricians check any other electrical work that you feel may be unsafe. This could be anything from installing or checking smoke alarms, to completing switchboard upgrades and maintenance and replacing electrical appliances. We can also complete full electrical safety inspections to reduce the risk of faulty wiring or components causing house fires.

To book a service or arrange a free on-site measure and quote, Give Ken A Call on (08) 8364 5855 or click here to book online.

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