The Health & Financial Benefits Of Servicing Your Evaporative Air Conditioner

Have you turned on your evaporative air conditioner only to have smelly air blowing right through the house? Your family could be breathing in dirty air and this could be why...

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When getting into spring cleaning, our roof and evaporative air conditioning units are out of sight and often out of mind. Then come the hot days and when it’s finally time to turn on your evaporative air conditioner, it blows smelly air right through the house.

That smelly air is often coming from dirt, debris and bacteria that has settled or grown in stagnant water over winter. An evaporative air conditioner service from Ken Hall Plumbers will clean and check the condition of your system in preparation for summer. A regular service will extend the lifetime of your unit and lower the risk of being without air conditioning on hot days.

Sam, Ken Hall Plumber says, “I’ve had many clients complain about smelly air or lack of cold air and when we look at the unit, we often find growths, buildup of mould, even bird nests built into the pads or just deteriorated pads altogether. If the air conditioner isn’t serviced and cleaned, all family members within the home could be breathing in contaminated air.”­­­

Further to preventing any respiratory complaints, an evaporative air conditioner service can maintain your system’s efficiency keeping power and water costs low.

As part of our service, Ken Hall Plumbers check water is flowing through your unit correctly and that the pads are in good condition to absorb and hold water to cool your home adequately. Let trained, experienced technicians access your roof to do a professional service of your evaporative air conditioner. Keep your feet safely on the ground and enjoy clean, cool air all summer.

Servicing your evaporative air conditioner is about more than checking it will work throughout summer. Having your system serviced can contribute to a healthier home while lowering the risk of any unexpected high costs for repairs or replacement of an unmaintained air conditioning system. Now is the perfect time to beat the summer rush and have your system serviced.

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