Which hot water system for my household? Ken Hall Plumbers offer choice.

Choosing a hot water system is an important decision for any household. Gas, electric, solar, and heat pump. Storage and instantaneous. So how do you choose?

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Choosing a hot water system is an important decision for any household. You want hot water reliably, as much as you need and whenever you need it. And you also want it at the least possible cost.

Today there are a variety of hot water systems available. Gas, electric, solar, and heat pump. Storage and instantaneous. So how do you choose?

At Ken Hall Plumbers, we offer choice with six trusted brands of hot water systems. Our trained and qualified plumbers will help you decide which hot water service best suits your household.

When our customers give us a call about hot water, here are some of the questions we ask to help them decide on the right service:

  • How many people live in your household?
  • What times of the day do you need hot water?
  • How many bathrooms, showers and bathtubs do you have in the house? Do you normally run two showers at the same time?
  • Do you have gas to the property?
  • Have you considered solar or a heat pump to reduce running costs?
  • Is your existing system coping with your hot water needs today?
  • How many appliances do you have that need hot water - dishwasher, washing machine, spa baths?
  • Are you concerned about greenhouse emissions and your carbon footprint?
  • Are you replacing an old hot water system and currently have gas to your property? In South Australia, state government legislation requires that old hot water systems are replaced with a 5-star rates storage or instantaneous hot water service.

Answering these questions will help you decide which hot water system is best for you. To help you get started, we’ve reviewed each of the trusted brands we offer below.

Ken Hall Plumbers offers choice - gas, electric, solar, heat pump, storage and continuous flow

We represent the most trusted hot water systems in the market. They offer high quality, robust and efficient hot water services, and all have excellent back up. Along with the Ken Hall Guarantee, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can call us if anything happens.

Our experienced and knowledgeable plumbers will help you choose the right hot water system. We take into account your environment and the suburb you live in. For example, if you live in the Adelaide Hills where you have a canopy of trees covering the roof, solar hot water will be less effective than a heat pump or a storage system.


Rheem is one of the oldest hot water system suppliers in Australia, manufacturing since 1939. They have a wide range of hot water systems to cater for all kinds of needs – gas, electric, heat pump, and solar as well as storage and instantaneous or continuous flow systems.

They have excellent back up service and proven technology that has stood the test of time. If you have any issues with your hot water system after several years, they will have spare parts available.


Rinnai launched the first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system in Australia in the 1990’s and now provide a range of products. These include solar, electric, gas and heat pump storage systems, as well as their continuous flow systems. They also offer a range of accessories to set required temperatures and manage hot water usage and improve the aesthetics of the system installed.

They are recognised for being leading innovators and their continuous flow gas units are robust and reliable hot water services.


Pioneering solar hot water in Australia back in 1953, Solahart offers solar hot water, solar power, battery storage and Solahart PowerStore - Australia’s first solar-smart electric water heater. Solahart’s philosophy is that is makes sense to get your hot water free harnessing the energy from the sun, giving you significant savings on energy usage and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Bosch offer an extensive range of gas continuous flow systems, electric storage tanks, and heat pumps hot water solutions. With more than a hundred years of manufacturing hot water systems, Bosch continue to deliver excellence in technology with energy efficient and long lasting services.


Committed to delivering hot water solutions using the best technology available, Thermann is a more recent entry to the hot water market which began in 2012. Since then they’ve installed more than half a million units across Australia and continue to innovate with new technologies. Thermann is a reputable brand with excellent back up and support.

Dux Hot

Dux is another brand that’s been leading the way in Australia’s hot water market since 1915. They have a large range of hot water options to choose from including electric and gas storage and an award-winning heat pump hot water system. They also offer continuous flow, and electric boosted solar.

We’ll help you choose the right hot water system

Our hot water speciality team will help you decide on:

  • The type of hot water system to best suit you - gas, electric, solar, or heat pump. Storage vs instantaneous.
  • How large your system needs to be so that your household always has hot water on demand.
  • How to get the best value for money – a balance of up front investment versus running costs. We’ll help you decide.

Whatever your needs are, Ken Hall will have a hot water system to suit your household. With more than 37 years of installing hot water systems, our service is backed by the Ken Hall guarantee, which means we’ll be right here if you need support after you’ve installed your new hot water system.

Need your current hot water system serviced?

We recommend an annual service of your hot water system to keep it running like clockwork. The longevity and reliability of your hot water service will be increased with a periodic check and maintenance. To book your service, please call us on 8364 5855 or you can book online here.

Emergency hot water system repair? No hot water?

We repair or replace any make or model of hot water service and we’ll install a temporary hot water system at your home so you continue to have hot water. We install the emergency hot water unit whilst we repair your unit or source a replacement. We’ll also help you choose a new system if required.

Gas, electric, solar, heat pump, storage or continuous flow – which one is right for you? Let us help.

We’ll help you decide. Taking all your needs into consideration as well as your budget, we’ll help you choose between one of trusted hot water brands Rheem, Rinnai, Dux, Solahart, Thermann and Bosch.

We’ve been installing these brands for many years so we know they’re reliable, long lasting and energy efficient. Call us today on 8364 5855 to have a chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable hot water experts. We provide a FREE, no obligation quote to replace any hot water system. Let us help you decide which hot water system is the best value for money for your household – efficient, reliable and cost effective.

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