Maintain your garden of earthly delights this summer with an irrigation health check

With hot summer days in Adelaide just around the corner, you don’t want your lovingly nurtured garden of earthly delights to wilt because of a broken irrigation system.

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A faulty irrigation system will cost you your lawn, plants and unnecessary money in leaking water. It’s not obvious through winter, it’s only when summer arrives that you find problems or faults. Like plumbing and electrical services at home, we recommend a preventive irrigation service as it always costs less in the long run.

Irrigation systems are a smart investment. You use less water with a controlled and planned watering schedule. Your garden is maintained throughout summer and provides the perfect backdrop to the outdoors lifestyle we enjoy during hotter months. But there are several connecting and moving parts to an irrigation system that need maintenance.

Symptoms of a faulty irrigation system

  • The pipe joints are constantly coming apart which probably means you have too much water pressure for your irrigation system to handle
  • Your pop up sprinkler heads are popping up when they’re not supposed to
  • There are areas of your garden or lawn that are regularly wet and more green than the rest
  • The heads are always leaking even when the irrigation system is turned off

Sprinkler valves above ground can become clogged or damaged and pipes underneath the ground can crack and leak water, or the dog might have dug in and chewed them!

A water leak can release 20,000 litres of water per year, and irrigation systems are a common cause of water leaks around the home. If you suspect a water leak, then best to get onto it ASAP and prevent any further wastage.

The spring and summer months are an ideal time to do some home maintenance and check your irrigation system to make sure it’s working efficiently and cost effectively throughout the hot weather periods.

Irrigation system repairs

Have you tried troubleshooting irrigation problems at home and not sure where the fault is? With several interconnecting points and moving parts, Ken Hall Plumbers will find the source of the problem sooner than later. We’ll check for faulty or irreparable parts and replace them to get the irrigation system up and running again. We locate and repair or replace sprinkler heads, pipes, controllers and solenoid valves.

Irrigation system service

Preventive maintenance is always the best service – it costs less in the long run. Being in our business for as long as we have, we have seen this proven many times over. The same applies to your irrigation system. To ensure it stays in excellent working condition over summer, we recommend regular maintenance throughout the year.

Here’s some tips to do some DIY maintenance of your irrigation system through the year:

  • Turn on the irrigation system once a month in winter to flush out bugs and other debris from collecting in valves and creating more pressure in the pipes
  • For a leak check, turn the irrigation system on and walk along the irrigation lines, listening for hissing sounds of water escaping or soggy patches on the lawn or in the garden.

Enjoy your luscious green lawn this summer and don’t let your efforts, or water - be wasted!

Ken Hall Plumbers will ensure your irrigation system is working effectively. Our irrigation health check includes checking:

  • Irrigation controllers
  • Sprinkler heads
  • Pumps problems
  • Water leaks
  • Faulty solenoid valves
  • Electrical faults

Take advantage of our Irrigation Health Check Special

Give Ken a Call on 08 8364 5855 and arrange for one of our irrigation specialists to come out and see you. You’ll save on water costs and you’ll keep your garden looking green and feeling cool through summer.

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